Configuring the alarm parameters - Triatek - LIT-12014409 - HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller

HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller User Guide

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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller
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You can set multiple alarm setpoints for each analog input on the HMS1655. The Alarm Limits option on the Controller Setup menus enables configuration of the high and low alarm setpoints as required by the specific application. This option, while the unit is in occupied mode, opens the Occupied High Alarm SP configuration screen. If the unit is in unoccupied mode, the Alarm Limits option opens the Unoccupied High Alarm SP configuration screen. After you enter the high alarm setpoint, you are prompted to set the high warning setpoint, low warning setpoint, and low alarm setpoint. To ensure validity of the four setpoint values, they must sequentially decrease in magnitude.