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On units configured for BACnet protocol, you can use Protocol Options on the Network Setup menu to configure the Device ID Offset and Max_Master property as required. For units configured for Metasys N2 Open protocol, this option is non-functional.
Note: In a future firmware release, users can configure specific settings associated with the N2 Open protocol.
  • To specify a device instance offset, on the Network Setup menu, tap Protocol Options.
You can use the DeviceID Offset option to specify an device instance offset from 0 to 4,9140,000. The device instance number that uniquely identifies a BACnet device within a network of devices is calculated as the sum of the MAC address and the DeviceID Offset value. For example, if the DeviceID Offset is set to the default value of 85,000 and the current MAC address is 123, then the HMS1655 device instance number is 85,123.

The MaxMaster option on the BACnet Protocol Setup menu enables the user to specify a new value for the Max_Master parameter that the BACnet MS/TP protocol uses. This parameter specifies the maximum address for a master node on the same network. The default value for this parameter is 127. If you set this parameter to a value lower than the default, the number of addresses that are polled by each master node on the network reduces, which effectively improves the overall networking efficiency.

For example, if there are a maximum of 25 master node devices on a network, and they are addressed between 1 and 30, setting the Max_Master parameter to 30 limits the periodically polled addresses by each master node on the network.

Each master node polls for new master nodes periodically and can auto-discover BACnet devices. Leave the Max_Master parameter at the default value so you can add future devices to the network without resetting the Max_Master parameter at each device.

The Object List and Properties options on the BACnet Protocol Setup menu enable the user to display the list of BACnet objects and their properties.
Note: These menu options are currently disabled, but feature in a future firmware release for the HMS1655.