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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller User Guide

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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller
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User Guide
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The touch-screen user interface of the HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller can facilitate the initial setup, configuration, diagnosis, and troubleshooting of the installation process. Each menu screen is limited to four options which simplifies navigation through the menu system. Context-sensitive help, as seen in Figure 1 is available on most menu screens. To access the help, tap the menu title on the screen. To exit from any help screen, tap the display anywhere on the popup. Multi-page menu screens feature navigation buttons at the bottom of each screen that help you to move forward or backward, and includes an exit button on the last screen to quickly return to the main display. See Figure 2 for more information.

To preserve the security of the configuration settings, you can program up to 10 multilevel passwords to prevent unauthorized access to the configuration settings. To further prevent unauthorized access, the HMS1655 user menu system incorporates display time-out periods based on the screen currently displayed. Menu screens time-out after 90 seconds of inactivity, while popup screens automatically time-out after 60 seconds.

Figure 1. Context sensitive help
Figure 2. System setup