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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller User Guide

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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller
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For applications that utilize the HMS1655 as a fume hood monitor or controller for a single space, use the Single Sensor Mode for the display mode setting. All HMS1655 units are preconfigured at the factory for this default display mode, unless otherwise specified on the sales order. Single Sensor Mode supports the display of the face velocity of the monitored fume hood, the sash position if a sash position sensor is ordered, and the room temperature if a temperature sensor is ordered. Other information displayed on the main screen in Single Sensor Mode includes the fume hood name or number, the current hood status or operating mode, and the time and date. Figure 1 shows the main display screen for a HMS1655 configured for Single Sensor Mode with no active alarms. There are several hot spots on the main display screen that you can use for quick and convenient access to edit the fume hood name or number, change the mode of operation, switch from imperial units to metric units for the face velocity reading, and change the time and date settings.
Figure 1. Single Sensor Mode


  1. To change the name of the monitored fume hood, tap the screen anywhere on the current name. You can use the alphanumeric popup keyboard that appears to modify the name. After you edit the fume hood name, tap Save.
  2. To change the current operating mode of the monitored fume hood, tap the screen at the current hood status line. The Set Operating Mode configuration screen appears.
  3. If you store at least one security password in the system, tap the current operating mode to open the password entry popup before you change the mode of operation. This prevents inadvertent change to the operating mode by unauthorized personnel.
  4. To change the current displayed units for the fume hood face velocity reading, tap on the existing units ft/min or m/sec to provide access to the Engineering Units menu option on the Controller Settings menus.
  5. To set the time and date displayed at the bottom of the main screen, tap them individually and enter the new settings.