Display setup - Triatek - LIT-12014409 - HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller

HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller User Guide

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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller
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User Guide
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The Display Setup menus provide support for display settings configuration on the HMS1655. The first page of the Display Setup menus includes options for configuration of the Safety Halo feature, display options configuration and sources for each parameter on the main display, system time and date adjustment, and display brightness adjustment.

The second page of the Display Setup menus includes options for alternate language selection for the user interface menus, and to edit the names associated with each analog input.

You can use the Safety Halo option to configure the settings for the Safety Halo status bezel, including the Nightly Auto-Dim feature. You can use this feature to automatically reduce the Safety Halo indicator's brightness to the specified percentage at the specified Starting Hour, and return to normal brightness at the specified Ending Hour.