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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller User Guide

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HMS1655 Fume Hood Controller
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About this task

You can use the Overrides option to manually control the analog outputs, relay outputs independently to assist with verification of the correct operation, and allocate the controller resources.


  1. Tap Diagnostics > Overrides to open the Overrides menu. When you install the HMS1655, it is necessary to set an analog output to control an air flow damper to a specific percentage while you manually adjust the damper. Likewise, you can trigger one of the relay outputs to test the operation of the device it is connected to.
  2. One of the uses for the relay outputs on the HMS1655 is to trigger remote annunciators to alert users of an alarm condition at the controller. To perform this verification test you can manually override individual relay outputs.
  3. To choose one of the four analog outputs to override temporarily, tap Overrides > Analog Outputs. Select an analog output for override mode to open the Override Analog Output x configuration screen. You can use the slider to manually set the output to a specific percentage.
  4. To lock the analog output temporarily at the overridden level, tap Lock Output > OK to exit the override configuration screen. Any analog output overridden and locked remains fixed at the overridden level until the output is unlocked.
  5. To to override each relay output independently while the Override Relay Outputs configuration screen displays, tap Overrides > Relay Outputs. Unlike the analog output override feature, the relay outputs remain in the override state only while the Override Relay Outputs configuration screen displays. All relay outputs return to their previous commanded states when the override mode is canceled.