Updated CFM entry postion - Titus - LIT-12014051 - Valve - Venturi Valve

Titus Venturi Air Valve Installation Guide

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Venturi Valve
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Installation Guide
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To download the values to the controller:
  1. Click CFM Table tab > Set CFM Entries > Set Feedback Entries buttons.
  2. Select the This is Phoenix Valve Data check box. Check the Auto Populate FB Entries check box. The CFM values are accurate to the feedback sensor position and not the actuator position. Calibration of the completed feedback occurs in the actuator.
    Note: The tool computes the gain and offset for the feedback sensor and also enters the correct position values for each of the defined feedback positions.
  3. Ensure the correct actuator stroke time value is set and click the Calibrate FB Sensor button. Wait until the valve moves from 100% to 0% and to each of the defined feedback positions.
Note: Do not select the OEM actuator check box.