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Titus Venturi Air Valve Installation Guide

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Venturi Valve
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Installation Guide
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The factory uses the fields in the Internal Configuration settings tab to program and calibrate the AI and AO channels. The tab contains the gain and offset settings for each of the channels. Do not adjust these values unless instructed by Triatek.

The entries show a factory calibration value and an acceptable range for the value. If the value is within range, it has a yellow background. If the value is out of range, it has a red background.

The user can adjust the ranges to correct any voltage errors that occur. Refer to Procedure to Check I_O on a UVM Board for more information. See Figure 41 for more information.

The factory uses the Auto Calibrate button to automatically adjust the gain and offset values for the analog channels while calibration occurs. This process requires specialized test equipment to operate correctly.