Setting the SA bus address - Romutec - LIT-12014235 - JDB8410-1 - Manual and Installation Instructions - Romutec - 4.04

JDB8410-1 Input/Output Module Installation Guide

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You must set a unique and valid SA bus device address for the JDB8410-1 module. Use the DIP switches on the front of the JDB8410-1 module to set the address. The address equals the sum of the numbers set to ON.

The default address is 255: all switches set to ON. You must change this address. Set consecutive addresses, 128 to 254, for JDB and JAB modules and other subordinate devices on the SA bus. See Table 1 for valid addresses.

See Figure 1 for an example of a DIP switch block set to 146, where the second (2), the fifth (16), and the eighth (128) DIP switches are set to ON (2 + 16 + 128 = 146).

Figure 1. SA bus address DIP switches set to 146
Table 1. FC/SA bus address summary
Address Description
0 Reserved for supervisory controllers
1 - 3 Reserved for peripheral devices, for example the local display address is fixed as address 3
4 - 127

Reserved for Johnson Controls controllers and IOM modules as manager devices. Do not use on Romutec I/O modules

128 - 254 Valid range of addresses for Romutec I/O modules as subordinate devices
255 Default address, you must change this