SA bus termination and front panel selection - Romutec - LIT-12014235 - JDB8410-1 - Manual and Installation Instructions - Romutec - 4.04

JDB8410-1 Input/Output Module Installation Guide

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To set the JDB8410-1 module as the end of the SA bus, use the four-position DIP switch in Figure 1. You can also use the DIP switch to decide how to use the front panel on the module. See Table 1 for valid values of the EOL switches.

  • DIP switches 1 to 3: SA bus termination: You can use the EOL switch to designate the JDB8410-1 module as the end of the SA bus. The default position is OFF, as shown in Figure 1. If the JDB8410-1 module is at the end of a daisy-chain of devices on the SA bus, set DIP switches 1 to 3 to ON. This prevents reflections at the end of the line.

    Note: DIP switches 1 to 3 must be either all ON or all OFF. See Figure 1 for an example.
  • DIP switch 4: application with or without front panel: To apply the JDB8410-1 module with an attached front panel device JDB8420, or rail-mounted JDB8440, the DIP switch 4 must be set to ON. If you do not set the DIP switch 4 to ON, the JDB8410-1 module ignores the front panel and works as if there is no front panel connected. If you do not connect a front panel and the DIP switch 4 is set to ON, the JDB8410-1 signals an error with a blinking red LED.

Figure 1. EOL switches set to OFF, not the end of the SA bus
Table 1. Valid values for EOL switches
Value Description
0 Not terminated, without front panel
1 - 6 Adjustment not valid
7 Terminated, without front panel
8 Not terminated, with front panel
9 - 14 Adjustment not valid
15 Terminated, with front panel