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JDB8410-1 Input/Output Module Installation Guide

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The CCT defines the configuration parameters for the JDB8410-1. The .caf file (Controller Application File) contains these parameters with the controller application data. During commissioning, the controller application downloads this data to the controller. When the host controller detects the JDB8410-1 with the appropriate address, it sends the configuration data to the module.

With the JDB8420 or JDB8440 front panel, manual control functions are available even if the JDB8410-1 module is not connected to a controller, for example, you can switch the binary outputs to ON or OFF at any time using the rotation switches on the front panel.

The JDB8410-1 module signals the status of the binary inputs even if it is not connected to a controller. All normal polarity parameters use the factory settings until the controller sends the configuration data to the JDB8410-1 module.

The LED on the front panel is on when the contact of the corresponding binary input is closed. To send the configuration data to the JDB8410-1 module, follow these instructions:

  1. Set the polarity property in the CCT to REVERSE.
  2. Download the .caf file to the controller.
  3. Connect the SA bus.

To disable and lock the manual control functions using a remote contact, you do not need any specific parameters on CCT. To display the enabled or locked status of the manual control and to report it to the controller, connect the corresponding binary input to a digital input of a JDB8010-1 or JDB1610-1.

For detailed information about CCT software, refer to CCT Help (LIT-12011147).