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JDB8410-1 Input/Output Module Installation Guide

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The JDB8410-1 Input/Output Module is an input/output (I/O) expansion module compatible with the Johnson Controls® family of equipment controllers and network controllers. The module expands the number of physical input and output points for compatible controllers that the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) configures and commissions. The JDB8420 and JDB8440 devices provide the JDB8410-1 module the feature of manual override for four one-state drives.

Note: The module contains a connector that you can use to inhibit the operation of the manual overrides. You can remotely lock the overrides so that when a signal is applied, the outputs continue to operate as though they are in automatic. When you lock or release the manual override, the overridden flag still updates.

The JDB8410-1 module is a DIN rail-mounted device. The module includes terminals to wire input and output points and LEDs for status and troubleshooting. The JDB8410-1 module communicates with the host controller through the controller’s sensor actuator (SA) bus. You can configure and commission I/O modules with the CCT, see Configuring and commissioning for more details.

Figure 1. JDB8410-1 module
Figure 2. JDB8420 module

The JDB8420 is a front panel device that you can install on the door of a cabinet. The LEDs indicate the state of the inputs and the rotation switches manually override the outputs. Each front panel device connects to its corresponding rail-mounted module with a USB cable. As an alternative, you can use the rail-mounted device JDB8440 instead of the JDB8420 front panel.

Figure 3. JDB8440 module

If you do not require manual override and signalizing, you can use the JDB8410-1 module on its own as additional inputs and outputs for compatible Johnson Controls controllers.