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VFD68 Variable Frequency Drives Technical Bulletin

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VFD68 Three‐Phase Variable Frequency Drive
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Technical Bulletin
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The default parameter values (Table 1) on the VFD68 drive are configured to operate a condenser fan motor on an R410 condensing unit, using a P499RCP-107 or P499RAP-107 ratiometric transducer (or transducers). Wire one transducer for single circuit condensing systems. Wire two transducers for dual circuit condensing systems (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Wiring 0.5–4.5 VDC Ratiometric Input Signal Transducers

The VFD68 has the ability to control motor speed using the higher input signal value of two voltage inputs when you configure AI1 and AI2 as the same model transducer. For the high-input signal select application with two transducers (Figure 1 or Figure 1), use the parameter values in Table 1 and see Adjusting the Default Parameters.

Table 1. Settings for Single or Dual 0.5–4.5 VDC Ratiometric Transducers
Setting Single Transducer Dual Transducer, High-Signal Select
P. 73 1 1 (0–5 V) 1 (0–5 V)
P.266 1 1 (voltage input) 1 (voltage input)
P.267 1 1 (0–5 V) 1 (0–5 V)
Analog Input Terminal AI1 or AI2 AI1 and AI2
AI2 Mode Switch2 V V
Important: If using two input devices, both devices must be identical. Do not use input devices with different ranges and operating characteristics.

For high-pressure refrigerants other than R410a, you must calculate and change the C x parameters. For medium and low pressure refrigerants, you must determine the proper P499R transducer and then calculate and change the C x parameters.

For more information, see Setup and Adjustment and Parameter Setting Calculations for Motor Speed vs. Pressure.

1 For information on parameters, see Table 1.
2 See Figure 1.