Causes and Corrective Actions For Each Error Message - PENN Controls - VFD68Bxx - VFD68Cxx - VFD68Dxx - Three‐Phase Motor Speed Controller - VFD68 Three‐Phase Variable Frequency Drive

VFD68 Variable Frequency Drives Technical Bulletin

PENN Controls
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VFD68 Three‐Phase Variable Frequency Drive
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Technical Bulletin
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When a message regarding operational troubles is displayed, output is not shut off.

Table 1. Operation Panel Lock
Operation Panel Indication HOLD
Description Operation lock mode is set. Operation other than STOP/RESET is invalid.
Check Point --------------
Corrective Action Press MODE for 2s to release lock.
Table 2. Password Locked
Operation Panel Indication LOCD
Description Password function is active. Display and setting of parameter is restricted.
Check point --------------
Corrective action Enter the password in P.297 to unlock the password function before operating.
Table 3. Write Disable Error
Operation Panel Indication Er1
  • You attempted to make parameter setting when P. 77 has been set to disable parameter write.
  • Frequency jump setting range overlapped.
  • The PU and VFD cannot make normal communication.
Check point
  • Check the setting of P. 77.
  • Check the settings of P. 31 to P. 36.
  • Check the connection of the PU and VFD.
Table 4. Write Error During Operation
Operation Panel Indication Er2
Description When parameter write was performed during operation with P. 77 set to other than 2 (writing is enabled independently of operation status in any operation mode) and the SD terminal is connected to either the STF or STR terminal.
Check Point
  • Check the P. 77 setting.
  • Check that the VFD is not operating.
Corrective Action
  • Set the value of P. 77 to 2.
  • After stopping operation, set the parameter.
Table 5. Calibration Error
Operation Panel Indication Er3
Description Analog input bias and gain calibration settings are too close.
Check Point Check the settings of C 3, C 4, C 6, and C 7.
Table 6. Mode Designation Error
Operation Panel Indication Er4
  • Appears if a parameter setting is attempted in the External or NET operation mode with P. 77 set to other than 2.
  • Appears if a parameter setting is attempted when the command source is not at the operation panel.
Check Point
  • Check that operation mode is PU operation mode.
  • Check the P. 77 setting.
Corrective Action
  • After setting the operation mode to the PU operation mode, set the parameter.
  • After setting P. 77 to 2, set the parameter.
Table 7. VFD Reset
Operation Panel Indication Err.
  • Executing reset using RES signal, or reset command from communication or PU
  • Displays at powering OFF.
Corrective Action
  • Turn OFF the reset command.