Communication Specification - PENN Controls - VFD68Bxx - VFD68Cxx - VFD68Dxx - Three‐Phase Motor Speed Controller - VFD68 Three‐Phase Variable Frequency Drive

VFD68 Variable Frequency Drives Technical Bulletin

PENN Controls
Product name
VFD68 Three‐Phase Variable Frequency Drive
Document type
Technical Bulletin
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Table 1. Communication Specification
Item Description Related Parameter
Communication Protocol Modbus RTU protocol P.549
Conforming Standard EIA-485 (RS-485)
Number of Connectable Devices 1:N (maximum 32 units), setting is 0 to 247 stations P.117
Communication Speed Select 4800, 9600, 19200, or 38400 bps P.118
Control Procedure Asynchronous
Communication Method Half-duplex
Communication Character System Binary (always 8 bits)
Start Bit 1 bit
Stop Bit Length
  • No parity, stop bit length: 2 bits
  • Odd Parity; stop bit length: 1 bit
  • Even parity; stop bit length: 1 bit
Parity Check
Error Check CRC code check
Terminator Not used
Waiting Time Setting Not used