Enter a Password in P.297 - PENN Controls - VFD68Bxx - VFD68Cxx - VFD68Dxx - Three‐Phase Motor Speed Controller - VFD68 Three‐Phase Variable Frequency Drive

VFD68 Variable Frequency Drives Technical Bulletin

PENN Controls
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VFD68 Three‐Phase Variable Frequency Drive
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Technical Bulletin
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Entering a correct password in P.297 unlocks the VFD and sets P. 297 back to 9999 (no password lock). You must enter a setting from 1000 to 9998 again for this parameter to register a new 4-digit password. Entering an incorrect password:

  • (when P.296 = 1 to 6) creates a password unlock error, but does not lock the VFD. If the correct password is eventually entered, the VFD68 will unlock.
  • (when P.296 = 101 to 106) creates a password unlock error.
Note: If the password unlock error has occurred five times, the VFD password function locks, and you must perform a Parameter All Clear to unlock the restriction (see Perform a Parameter All Clear). Entering the correct password after the fifth incorrect entry has no effect.