Appendix 3: Password Functions (P.296, P.297) - PENN Controls - VFD68Bxx - VFD68Cxx - VFD68Dxx - Three‐Phase Motor Speed Controller - VFD68 Three‐Phase Variable Frequency Drive

VFD68 Variable Frequency Drives Technical Bulletin

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VFD68 Three‐Phase Variable Frequency Drive
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Technical Bulletin
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Registering a four-digit password can restrict parameter reading and writing. You can set these parameters when P.160 = 0.

Note: When P.296 is set to something other than 9999, then P.297 is always available to enter a password, regardless of the setting for P.160.
Table 1. Implement Password Protection
Parameter Name Default Range Description
P.296 Password Lock Level 9999 1 to 6, 101 to 106 Select the restriction level of parameter reading and writing when a password is required.
9999 No password lock
P.297 Password Unlock/Lock 9999 1000 to 9998 Register a four-digit password
(0) (reading only)

Valid when P.296 = 1 to 6

(0 to 5) Displays password unlock error count (reading only)

Valid when P.296 = 101 to 106

(9999) No password lock (reading only)