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VFD68 Variable Frequency Drives (230 or 460 VAC) Installation Guide

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VFD68 Three‐Phase Variable Frequency Drive
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Installation Guide
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  • Risk Fire or Electric Shock.
  • Install the device in an environment relatively free of contaminants such as dust, condensation, or chemical agents. A dirty or damp environment may cause an electric arc across contaminated terminals.
  • Risque de décharge électrique ou incendie.
  • Installer l'appareil dans un environnement présentant une quantité réduite de contaminants tels que de la poussière, de la condensation ou des agents chimiques. Un environnement pollué ou humide risque d'entraîner la formation d'un arc électrique entre des bornes contaminées.
  • Risk of Property Damage.
  • The VFD68 Drive can generate and dissipate significant heat. Mount the VFD68 Drive on a metal, concrete, or cinder block mounting surface. Mounting the VFD68 Drive on surfaces made of wood or other heat-sensitive material may result in damage to the mounting surface.
  • Risque de dégâts matériels.
  • Le VFD68 Drive peut générer et émettre une chaleur importante. Installer le VFD68 Drive sur une surface de montage en métal, en béton ou en parpaings. L'installation du VFD68 Drive sur une surface en bois ou composée de matériaux sensibles à la chaleur risque d'endommager la surface de montage.

Observe the following location guidelines:

  • Ensure that the mounting surface can support the drive, mounting hardware, and any user-supplied panel or enclosure.
  • Mount drives on flat, even surfaces.
  • Allow sufficient space for wires and connections.
  • Do not mount the modules on surfaces that are prone to vibration or in locations where radio frequency or electromagnetic emissions may cause interference.
  • Do not install the modules in airtight enclosures.
  • Do not install heat-generating devices that may cause the temperature to exceed the ambient operating limit in the same enclosure as the modules.

The VFD68 Drive has been approved for use in an enclosure. Approval tests were conducted under the conditions in Table 1.

When mounting the VFD68 Drive in an enclosure, ensure that the specified space around the drive is maintained, and that the ambient conditions are within the specified limits.

Important: The VFD68 Drive is intended to be mounted in an enclosure that only allows access by trained and authorized personnel, and that prevents the ingress of contamination. It is designed for use in an environment classified as pollution degree 2 in accordance with IEC 60664-1. This means that only dry, non-conducting contamination is acceptable.
Table 1. Environmental Considerations
Surrounding Air Temperature1 -40 to 50°C (-40 to 122°F) as measured 5 cm from the VFD
Ambient Humidity 90% RH or less (Non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -40 to 65°C (-40 to 149°F)
Atmosphere Indoors (no corrosive and flammable gases, oil mist, dust and dirt.)
Altitude Limit2: Below 1,000 m (3,280 ft) above sea level
Vibration Limit: 5.9 m/s (19.4 ft/s) or less at 10–55 Hz (directions of x, y, z axes)
Table 2. Maximum Current Output Derating above 50°C by VFD68Bxx Drive Model
VFD68Bxx Models Rated Capacity kW (HP) Maximum Output Current at 50°C (Amperes) Maximum Output Current at 60°C (Amperes) Maximum Output Current at 70°C (Amperes)
VFD68BBB 0.1 (1/8) 0.8 0.6 0.5
VFD68BCB 0.2 (1/4) 1.4 1.1 0.9
VFD68BDC 0.4 (1/2) 2.5 2.1 1.7
VFD68BFD 0.75 (1) 4.2 3.5 2.9
VFD68BGG 1.5 (2) 7.0 5.9 4.9
VFD68BHG 2.2 (3) 10.0 8.5 7.0
VFD68BJK 3.7 (5) 16.5 14.0 11.5
VFD68BKL 5.5 (7-1/2) 23.8 20.2 16.6
VFD68BLL 7.5 (10) 31.8 27.0 22.2
VFD68BMP 11 (15) 45.0 38.2 31.5
VFD68BNP 15 (20) 58.0 49.3 40.6
Table 3. Maximum Current Output Derating above 50°C by VFD68Cxx Drive Model
VFD68Bxx Models Rated Capacity kW (HP) Maximum Output Current at 50°C (Amperes) Maximum Output Current at 60°C (Amperes) Maximum Output Current at 70°C (Amperes)
VFD68CDF 0.4 (1/2) 1.2 1.0 0.8
VFD68CFF 0.75 (1) 2.2 1.8 1.5
VFD68CGG 1.5 (2) 3.6 3.0 2.5
VFD68CHH 2.2 (3) 5.0 4.2 3.5
VFD68CJJ 3.7 (5) 8.0 6.8 5.6
VFD68CKL 5.5 (7-1/2) 12.0 10.2 8.4
VFD68CLL 7.5 (10) 16.0 13.6 11.2
VFD68CMP 11 (15) 23.0 19.6 16.1
VFD68CNP 15 (20) 29.5 25.0 20.6
Figure 1. VFD68Bxx and VFD68Cxx Maximum Current Output Derating above 50°C

1 Surrounding air temperature is a temperature measured at a measurement position in an enclosure. Ambient air temperature is a temperature outside an enclosure. The VFD68 is designed to operate above 50°C by following the maximum output current derating limits show in Table 2 and Table 3 and Figure 1.
2 Altitude limit given is for standard operation of the VFD. For operation at higher altitudes, derate by 3% for each 500 m (1,640.4 ft), up to a maximum of 2,500 m (8,202 ft) (91% derating).