Repair data - PENN Controls - LIT-125687 - V46 - Pressure Actuated Water Regulating Valve - V46 Low and All-Range Pressure Refrigerant

V46 Pressure-Actuated Water-Regulating Valve Product Bulletin

PENN Controls
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V46 Low and All-Range Pressure Refrigerant
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Product Bulletin
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You can replace the sensing element, internal parts, and rubber diaphragm. For a replacement valve or replacement parts kit, contact the nearest Johnson Controls®/Penn distributor. For replacement part kit numbers, see Product number selection and Selection charts. For replacement kit instructions and details refer to the following bulletins:

  • V46, V47, V48, and V49 Sensing Element Replacement Technical Bulletin, LIT-121700
  • V46 and V47 Repair Parts and Service Instructions Installation Guide, LIT-121695