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V46 Pressure-Actuated Water-Regulating Valve Product Bulletin

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V46 Low and All-Range Pressure Refrigerant
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About this task

An installer determines that the flow that they need for a low-range system is 27 GPM. Condensing pressure is 125 psig, and they estimate the maximum ambient temperature at 86°F. City water pressure is 40 psig and the manufacturer’s table gives a pressure drop through the condenser and the accompanying piping and valves at 15 psi. The drop through the installed piping is approximately 4 psi. The installer makes the following calculations:


  1. 27 GPM
  2. Closing point is the pressure of refrigerant corresponding to 86°F = 93 psig

    Opening point = 93+7 = 100 psig

    Operating head pressure = 125 psig

    Head pressure rise = 125-100 = 25 psi

  3. Minimum pressure = 40 psig

    Pressure drop through condenser = 15 psi

    Combined pressure drop = 15+4 = 19 psi

    Pressure drop across valve = 40-19 = 21 psi

  4. With a flow of 27 GPM, a head pressure rise of 25 psi, and a pressure drop across the valve of 21 psi, the only valve that satisfies all three criteria is a 1 1/4 in. valve.
    For the point on the flowchart that indicates the correct valve, see the 1 1/4 in. V46 - all range chart in V46 flowcharts.