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T46 Series Fan Coil Thermostat Catalog Page

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T46 Line‐Voltage Thermostat
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The T46 Series Thermostat is used to control line voltage, fan coil, and heating zone valves on heating, cooling, and combination heating and cooling systems. Models are available with single-pole, single-throw (SPST) or single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) contact action for standard duty (nominal 1/4 hp, 6 A non-inductive) applications. Thermostats are available with or without fan speed control or built-in thermometers. Various system switch combinations are available, including fan speed selection.

The T46 Series Thermostat field-installable faceplate combinations of knob or concealed adjustment. Also, the T46 is available with or without thermometer indication. These thermostats have plastic locking covers with an allen-head screw to discourage unauthorized tampering. Standard models are supplied with the thermostat faceplate installed with knob adjustment and thermometer.

Refer to the T46 Series Fan Coil Thermostats Product Bulletin (LIT-125655) for important product application information.