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Replacing the Time Delay Relay on P28, P29, and P128 Series Controls Application Note

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P28 and P128 Lube Oil Pressure Control
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Application Note
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About this task

  • Electrical shock hazard
  • Disconnect the power source before making electrical connections to avoid possible electrical shock or equipment damage.
  • Equipment damage hazard
  • Carefully position wires so they do not interfere with the manual reset button. Wires interfering with the reset button can cause the control to malfunction and damage controlled equipment.


  1. Disconnect the power source and remove the control cover.
  2. Verify that the replacement relay is the correct replacement for the controlled system. See Table 1.
  3. Identify and record the position of each connection terminal and wire on the original relay.
  4. Disconnect all wires that are required to remove the relay from the control housing.
  5. Loosen the two relay mounting screws one complete turn. Do not remove the mounting screws from the housing. See Figure 1.
  6. Slide the time delay relay to the right and lift it out of the control housing.
  7. Install the replacement relay into the control housing and slide it to the left under the mounting screw heads, then retighten the mounting screws.
  8. Reconnect all wires to the terminals that they were connected to on the original relay.
  9. Replace the cover and verify that the reset button lines up correctly with the cover. Adjust the position of the time delay relay in the control housing if necessary.
  10. Reconnect the power. Check the operation of the control and the controlled system.
    Figure 1. P29 Low-Pressure Cutout Control with time delay relay without cover
    Callout Description
    A Time delay relay
    B, C Relay mounting screw
    D Manual reset button