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R310 Current Sensing Switch
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The R310A Series Current Sensing Switch detects alternating current (AC) flow in a single circuit without being connected to that circuit. It may be used in any application where current detection is required.

The R310A replaces the R10A used with Johnson Controls/ PENNĀ® time delay oil failure cutout controls such as the P28, P45, and P445. These applications incorporate internal line breaking overload protection, where lockout due to overload cycling is unacceptable or undesirable. The R310A switch is not intended to detect breakage of belts.

The R310A is molded in a high dielectric material, which permits mounting inside a starter or contactor.

Refer to the R310A Series Current Sensing Switch Product Bulletin (LIT-121536) for important product application information.

Figure 1. R310A Series Current Sensing Switch