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Penn TC Series Refrigeration and Defrost Controller Product Bulletin

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TC Series Panel-Mount Refrigeration Controller
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Product Bulletin
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Capacitive touch keys
The patented capacitive touch UI provides the controller with a modern and elegant design. You can easily clean the controller's flat front surface. The capacitive touch keys provide reliable, long-life operation and eliminate a common point of failure with electromechanical keys that many competitive devices contain.
Variable speed compressor
The TC3B Series includes a model that drives Tecumseh, Embraco, and Secop variable speed compressors.
IP65 rating
The capacitive touch UI achieves an IP65 rating. The water resistant UI minimizes the risk of damage due to water and moisture entering the controller.
Adaptive defrost
The controller monitors the heat transfer performance of the evaporator coil to start defrost at the time that the environment requires. If you optimize the defrost cycle based on the system demand, you increase energy efficiency, along with the quality and shelf life of refrigerated products.
Compressor protection
Active power line monitoring ensures that the compressor only cycles on at the optimal point.
TC3KEY programming key
Use the TC3KEY programming key to automatically program devices. You can store and replicate programmed device configurations on another TC3 device. Integrated LEDs indicate progress and completion status.
Reduced depth option
TC3X series controllers are ideal for applications that require a reduced panel-mount depth of 39.5 mm (1 9/16 in.).
Optional RS485 communications adapter
Some TC3 models are compatible with optional TTL to RS485 serial adapters for Modbus RS485 communications. You can use DIP switches or software parameters to configure the Modbus address.
Note: TC3B and TC3X models do not have a TTL connection and are not compatible with the RS485 communications adapters.
Optional communications adapter real-time clock
The TCIF23 model RS485 communications adapter includes a real-time clock. The clock ensures that the controller performs daily defrost schedules at the correct time of day, and stores all logging samples accurately with a time and a date stamp to facilitate accurate Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) reporting.
Optional color display
The standard TC display is red. If you order more than a minimum quantity, you can order controllers with white, blue, or green LED displays.