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PENN Connected PC10 Install and Commissioning Guide

PENN Controls
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PENN Connected PC10
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Commissioning Guide
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Table 1. Related documentation
Title LIT number Location
PENN Connected E10 Temperature Sensor Catalog Page LIT-1901118 Knowledge Exchange:

PENN Connected E11 Temperature Sensor Catalog Page LIT-1901119
PENN Connected E20 Humidity and Internal Temperature Sensor LIT-1901139
PENN Connected E61 Door Sensor Catalog Page LIT-1901127
PENN Connected R10 Repeater Catalog Page LIT-1901120
PENN Connected C10 Gateway Catalog Page LIT-1901138
PENN Connected C20 Gateway Catalog Page LIT-1901121
PENN Connected C40 Gateway Catalog Page LIT-1901128
PENN Connected PC10 User Guide LIT-12013307
Installing and commissioning the PENN Connected PC10 remote monitoring system n/a YouTube: