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PENN Connected PC10 Install and Commissioning Guide

PENN Controls
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PENN Connected PC10
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Commissioning Guide
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  1. Install the gateway at a central point of the premises, and at a height that prevents interference from staff and customers. See Gateway for more information.
  2. Secure the gateway with screws, tie-wraps, or double-sided tape. You can also use an open enclosure.
  3. Connect the gateway to a power supply, and move the antenna into a vertical position.
  4. Check that the gateway powers on in the following light sequence:
    • Blue network light blinks rapidly to indicate connection to the ZigBee network
    • Red data light blinks to indicate the transmission of data through the GSM network
    • Green server light remains steady to indicate connection to the internet
    Figure 1. Gateway light sequence
    Gateway light sequence

    Callout Description
    1 Blue network light
    2 Red data light
    3 Green server light
  5. On the Android device, open the PENN Commissioner app, and enter the username and password that the PENN Connected administrator sent by email.
  6. Commission the gateway in one of the following ways:
    • In the ICCID or IMEI field, enter the unique 15 or 16 digit number located on the side of the gateway, and tap Register.
    • Tap SCAN GATEWAY to open the camera. Scan the QR code or the barcode located on the side of the gateway, and tap Register.
    When registered, in the upper-right of the app, you can tap the signal bars to view the GSM signal strength.