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PENN Connected PC10 Install and Commissioning Guide

PENN Controls
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PENN Connected PC10
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Commissioning Guide
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The gateway receives data from the temperature and the door sensors and transmits it to the PENN Connected cloud-based platform. The gateway connects to sensors and repeaters within a 25 m (82 ft) range; use additional repeaters to extend the range.

The gateway is available in a GSM or an Ethernet version. The GSM gateway includes a SIM card; you cannot change the SIM card to a different one. The gateway does not include Wi-Fi or a Modbus® connection. You cannot fit a PSU battery pack to the gateway. Do not install the gateway in a refrigerated space; install it in an adjacent ambient area instead.

The gateway uses a separate mains-powered AC power supply that you can plug into a dedicated fused circuit, and includes a local power adapter. It can communicate directly with 15 sensors. With the addition of 5 to 9 repeaters, each gateway can further communicate with a maximum of 100 sensors. Use a minimum of one repeater for each installation.

Note: Do not open the gateway.

See the following figures for examples of installation locations for gateways:

Figure 1. Typical central point in a premises
Figure 2. A gateway in position on top of a refrigeration unit