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PENN Connected PC10 Install and Commissioning Guide

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PENN Connected PC10
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Commissioning Guide
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Do I need more than one gateway to monitor units on another floor?

It depends on the construction material that separates the floors. If mass concrete separates the floors, you need more than one gateway. For some sites, additional repeaters may suffice.

Do I need more than one gateway to monitor units in another room?

No, you can install supplementary repeaters adjacent to each other on either wall in the additional room instead.

Do I need more than one gateway to monitor a cold storage warehouse?

You need only one gateway if you use the load and distance rules to plan the sensor and repeater layout.

What is the purpose of the green plug on the gateway?

Use the green plug to install three external NTC temperature probes, one door switch, and one CT coil with a maximum of 15 A directly to the C40 gateway.

Do walls affect signal strength?

Walls that consist of mass concrete or steel can interfere with the signal strength. However, signals can transmit through timber or hollow concrete walls without issue.

How can I check the gateway CSQ signal strength?

The CSQ signal strength displays on the PENN Commissoner app.

How can I check a sensor's received signal strength indication (RSSI) signal strength?

The RSSI signal strength displays on the PENN Commissioner app.

How can I check the battery level for the sensors?

The battery level displays on the PENN Commissioner app.

Can I set up the network off-site and install the hardware on-site later?

Yes. However, when you transfer the hardware to the site it can take up to 24 hours for the network to fully settle. To set up the hardware off-site, power on each unit and enter placeholder names on the mobile app. You can change and configure the names and settings on the cloud platform later.
Note: If you set up the network off-site first, do not add any sensors to the network that you do not want in the final on-site installation.

Can one or more installers use multiple mobile devices and user accounts to commission the same site?

Yes. Note that if you use one user account across multiple mobile devices, all of the sensors commissioned through that account display on those devices. However, if you use more than one user account across multiple mobile devices, only the sensors commissioned through each individual user account display on each device. This situation occurs because the user who commissions the sensor is the only user who can view that sensor until an administrator grants permission for other users to view that sensor also.

Is it possible for two technicians to use different mobile devices to commission a site at the same time?


During the commissioning process, how long does it take for the gateway to display on the mobile app?

The gateway displays on the mobile app instantly.

How often does the cloud platform receive the sensor readings?

The cloud platform receives the sensor readings every 15 minutes in 5 minute segments. To change the frequency of these intervals, contact PENN Connected support.