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PENN Connected PC10 Install and Commissioning Guide

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PENN Connected PC10
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Commissioning Guide
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  1. To power on the sensor, swipe it once from top to bottom with a magnet. The following light sequence indicates connection to the network:
    • Sensor light turns blue
    • Sensor light flashes green approximately 4 times
    • Sensor light turns off
  2. On the Android device, in the upper-right of the PENN Commissioner app, tap +.
  3. Commission a sensor in one of the following ways:
    • Tap SCAN to open the camera. Scan the QR code or the barcode located on the side of the sensor.
    • In the Or Enter Device MAC Address field, enter the unique 16-digit serial number located on the side of the sensor.
  4. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions and enter the required data for each sensor.
  5. Mount the sensor with or without a bracket near the chiller or freezer room door. Secure the sensor with screws, tie-wraps, or double-sided tape.
    Note: If the door sensor is more than 25 m from the gateway, install another repeater nearby.
  6. Attach the magnet and reed strip to the frame of the chiller or freezer room door with a maximum gap of 20 mm.
  7. Attach a sticker to a visible location on the refrigeration unit.