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P10 Series Low Range Pressure Control Product Bulletin

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P10 Low Pressure Control
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Product Bulletin
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A change in operating pressure moves a preformed Buna-N diaphragm that actuates an electrical switch. Models with single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) contacts have color-coded terminals. The common terminal is red. The red (R) to yellow (Y) terminals close an electrical circuit on a rise in pressure. The red to blue (B) terminals close a circuit on a drop in pressure.

Figure 1. Terminal switch operation on a pressure increase for SPDT models
Figure 2. Interior view of the P10BG pressure control with terminals

A visible calibration scale on SPDT controls indicates the pressure at which the red to yellow contacts close.

The scale on the two-stage controls indicates the red to yellow closing point of the high stage.

The scales on the three-switch models indicate the pressure at which the single low switch and the two ganged high switches open.

For convenient field adjustment, the set point adjustment screw is accessible from the bottom of the control with the cover on, and from the top with the cover removed. When you adjust the range, the differential changes by a small amount.

Figure 3. Interior view of the P10FC two-stage pressure control

The standard pressure connection, which is screwed into the control’s 1/8 in. NPSF threads, is a barbed fitting for 1/4 in. polytubing. You can mount the P10 control in any position with bracket BKT16A-600, which is standard on models with barbed fitting.

Figure 4. Interior view of the P10PA three-stage pressure control