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P-Series Encapsulated Pressure Controls Product Bulletin

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P‐Series Encapsulated Pressure Switch
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Product Bulletin
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The compact size and lightweight construction of the P-Series control ensures you can mount the control directly to the refrigeration piping or most other convenient pressure point taps on the system. Observe the following important notes when you install a P-Series control.

  • If the P-Series control is installed on equipment that contains hazardous or regulated materials such as refrigerants or lubricants, the installer and user should observe all regulations governing the handling and contamination of those materials.
  • Locate pressure tap points on the top side of the refrigerant lines to reduce the possibility of sediment accumulating in the control.
  • Do not overtighten flare nuts on pressure connection fittings. Overtightening flare connections may damage the threads on the flare nuts or flare connectors, and result in refrigerant leaks. Do not exceed 9 lb·ft [12 N·m] of torque when you tighten brass flare connections.
  • Avoid severe pressure pulsation on high-side pressure controls. To minimize the affects of pressure pulsation from reciprocating compressors on the P-Series control, install the P-Series control on pressure tap points away from the compressor discharge.
Note: Refer to the P-Series Encapsulated Pressure Controls Installation Instructions (24-7664-3337) for guidelines on mounting controls that have TIF pressure connections.