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P-Series Encapsulated Pressure Controls Catalog Page

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P‐Series Encapsulated Pressure Switch
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The following table shows the product code numbers for the P-Series controls that use the code PS200-AP-XXXC.

Table 1. P-Series controls product code matrix
Feature Code and description Product code example:



PC: high current applications


PM: manual reset

PR: large form body

PS: standard application

Switch type 100: SPST, quick-connect devices standard 200
151: SPDT, quick-connect
200: SPST, wire leaded devices standard
251: SPDT, wire leaded
300: SPST, quick-connect devices extended life
351: SPDT, quick-connect extended life
400: SPST, wire leaded devices extended life
451: SPDT, wire leaded extended life
Contact action A: SPST, open low automatic reset A
C: SPST, open high automatic reset
D: SPST, open high manual reset
E: SPDT, automatic reset
Body construction A: open construction with no conduit clamp P
C: conduit clamp
E: heavy duty electrical contacts with high current capacity
G: high cycle life, 250,000 cycles, open construction with no conduit clamp
J: high cycle life, 250,000 cycles, with conduit clamp
P: open construction with no conduit clamp, smaller style
Model identifier with a sequence number up to 3 digits XXX
Packaging C: individual pack C
D: bulk pack

Some product code matrix combinations are not available. To verify availability of non-standard product code numbers and place quantity orders of non-standard models, contact your Johnson Controls representative, or visit