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MR5 Series Panel Mount Case Controller Product Bulletin

PENN Controls
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MR5xx Panel‐Mount Refrigeration and Defrost Controller
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Product Bulletin
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Plain language programming
Displays a scrolling alphanumeric message system that shows you what to program.
Adaptive or time-based defrost
Provides a choice between a conventional time-based defrost or the more advanced adaptive defrost. Adaptive defrost learns and automatically adjusts the defrost schedule of your system to improve efficiency.
Meets Title 24 standards
You can program the controller to determine when to operate the fan or set the fan to off. This feature provides better air circulation in the conditioned space and meets energy efficiency standards.
Facilitates program adjustment for high temperature conditions, low temperature conditions, door open, refrigerant leaks, high system pressure, low system pressure, and sensor failures. Failure messages display in plain, readable language.
Reporting and recording
Automatically records temperatures at set intervals to improve food safety. You can also create reports to show that food was stored at the required temperatures. You can download the recorded data to a USB drive, and use the data for hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) purposes.
Program copy and firmware updates

To upload your preferred settings or to update the controller's operating firmware, the CBL-MR5-USB accessory plugs into the MR5 comm port and provides a USB connection. For information about how to connect the CBL-MR5-USB accessory to the MR5 Controller refer to the MR5 Series Panel Mount Case Controller USB Cable Instruction Sheet (Part No. 24-07664-03469).