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MR5 Series Panel Mount Case Controller Product Bulletin

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MR5xx Panel‐Mount Refrigeration and Defrost Controller
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You can set up the following defrost schedule types on the MR5 Controller:

  • Scheduled defrost facilitates the set up of zero defrost cycles to eight defrost cycles per day on a fixed schedule. Automatic scheduled defrost sets up the defrost intervals at equal time frequencies based on the selected number of defrost cycles per day. Manual scheduled defrost facilitates the selection of specific times at which each defrost cycle starts during the day.
  • Adaptive defrost does not follow a user-defined time schedule, but instead continuously adapts to the refrigeration system conditions and schedules defrost cycles as needed. Adaptive defrost adjusts the defrost schedule to achieve a user-defined defrost duration. You set up the expected defrost duration, the first defrost interval, and a defrost termination temperature. The adaptive defrost system adjusts the length of the defrost interval so that the expected defrost duration coincides with the time that the evaporator reaches the termination temperature.