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MR5 Series Panel Mount Case Controller Product Bulletin

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MR5xx Panel‐Mount Refrigeration and Defrost Controller
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Product Bulletin
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The MR5 Controller includes the following binary inputs and alarms:

  • The BI1 and BI2 binary inputs interface monitors binary and analog signals, and defines conditions and actions based on those signals. The binary inputs receive signals from a door switch or a refrigerant leak detector. When the MR5 Controller receives a signal, the system performs a specific action, such as sounding an alarm.
  • Cooling shutdown occurs when one of the two binary input modes receives an external signal. When the system receives an external signal, the MR5 Controller turns the compressor and fan off.
  • System shutdown takes priority over the normal control of the compressor, defrost, and fan relays. System shutdowns occur during an alarm condition, such as a refrigerant leak.