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MR5 Series Panel Mount Case Controller Installation Guide

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MR5xx Panel‐Mount Refrigeration and Defrost Controller
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Installation Guide
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Observe the following MR5 Controller location and mounting guidelines:

  • Mount the controller on a flat, even surface.
  • Make sure the mounting surface can support the controller assembly, mounting hardware, and any user-supplied panel or enclosure.
  • Make sure the controller is in the proper orientation for easy wiring, setup, and viewing.
  • Allow sufficient space to connect and route wires, view the LCD, and use the touch pad.
  • Identify the appropriate mounting hardware.
  • Mount the controller in locations free from corrosive vapors, and observe all ambient operating conditions.
  • Do not mount the controller on surfaces that vibrate.
  • Do not mount the controller in a location where high-voltage relays, motor starters, other sources of electromagnetic emissions, and strong radio frequency may cause electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • Do not install the controller in airtight enclosures.
  • Do not install heat-generating devices that may cause the ambient temperature to exceed 60°C (140°F) in an enclosure with the controller.