Location considerations - PENN Controls - F262AA - Flow, Liquid Level, and Air‐Volume Control - F262 Airflow Switch

F262 Series Airflow Switch Installation Guide

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F262 Airflow Switch
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Installation Guide
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Important: Mount the switch so that the housing is level horizontally or plumb vertically. Use a shim, if necessary.

Do not use this switch where exposure to outdoor weather occurs. Use the switch only for indoor situations.

Avoid locations close to elbows, dampers, fans, duct openings, or other areas where excessive turbulence occurs.

Mount the switch away from such areas at least five times the distance of the smallest duct dimension as shown in the following figure.

Example: On a 3 in. × 8 in. duct, mount the F261 at least 15 in. (381 mm) from the nearest bend.

Figure 1. Required duct distance