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F261 Series Flow Switches Installation Guide

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F261 Fluid Flow Switch
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Installation Guide
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Table 1. Troubleshooting
Symptom Solution
Condensate water appears within the enclosure.

If the control has a Type 3R/IP43 enclosure, inspect the grommet in the field-installed cable gland or conduit fitting, and replace the grommet if it is defective.

If the control has a Type 4/IP67 enclosure, inspect the case-to-cover O-ring provided on the flow switch. Ensure that the O-ring is in place and undamaged. Ensure that the control uses a correct cable gland or conduit fitting for Type 4/IP67 applications.

Fluid from the tank leaks into the enclosure due to a rod seal failure. Replace the flow switch.
The switch does not activate due to debris in the switch mechanism. Clear any debris from within the switch mechanism. Test the operation of the switch several times for correct operation.
The control switch action is reversed. Ensure that the connections follow the wiring diagrams.
The control does not switch. Check the electrical connections.
The switch fails to return to the no-flow position.

The switch may be set lower than the factory setting. Increase the setting.

On vertical pipes, ensure that the direction of flow is up. The arrow on the switch enclosure must point in the direction of the flow.

The control does not switch on flow increase. Check for a cracked or broken paddle. Replace the paddle, if necessary.