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F261 Series Flow Switches Installation Guide

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F261 Fluid Flow Switch
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Installation Guide
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Before you begin

  • Risk of personal injury.
  • Shut off the liquid supply and relieve pressure in the line before servicing the valve. Contents of liquid lines could be under pressure and the release of liquid under pressure may cause severe personal injury.
  • Risque de blessure.
  • Couper l'arrivée de liquide et évacuer la pression présente dans la conduite avant toute intervention sur la vanne. Les liquides à l'intérieur des conduites peuvent être sous pression et la libération soudaine de liquide sous pression risque de provoquer des blessures graves.

To install the flow paddles, complete the following steps:


  1. Check if one of the flow paddles corresponds to the pipe diameter. Leave a minimum clearance of 3/16 in. (5 mm) between the end of the flow paddle and the pipe wall.
    Important: Do not install the flow paddle in such a way that it touches the pipe or any restrictions in the pipe. If the flow paddle touches the pipe or restrictions in the pipe, the switch may not correctly detect changes in fluid flow.
  2. If necessary, trim a larger flow paddle at the arc corresponding to the pipe diameter.

    For trimming information, see Figure 1, Table 1, and Figure 2.

  3. Use the flow paddle screw to install all flow paddles that fit. Remove flow paddles that are too large to fit the pipe diameter.

    For flow paddle installation information, see Figure 2.

    Figure 1. Trimming the flow paddles

    Table 1. Trimming the flow paddles
    Callout A,

    trimming size

    Paddles to include Callout B,

    paddle width

    1 in. (29 mm) 1 in. 25 mm
    1 1/4 in. (37 mm)
    • 2 in. trimmed
    • 1 in.
    29 mm
    1 1/2 in. (43 mm)
    2 in. (54 mm)
    • 2 in.
    • 1 in.
    2 1/2 in. (67 mm)
    • 3 in. trimmed
    • 2 in.
    • 1 in.
    3 in. (83 mm)
    • 3 in.
    • 2 in.
    • 1 in.
    4 in. (103 mm)
    • 6 in. trimmed
    • 3 in.
    • 2 in.
    • 1 in.
    5 in. (134 mm)
    6 in. (162 mm)
    • 6 in.
    • 3 in.
    • 2 in.
    • 1 in.
    Figure 2. Using the flow paddle screw to install paddles