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C450 Proportional Control Driving Multiple M100J Series Actuators with a Single Transformer Application Note

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C450CPN Standard Control Module One Analog Output
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Important: Use this System 450™ modular control assembly only as an operating control. Where failure or malfunction of the System 450 modular control assembly could lead to personal injury or property damage to the controlled equipment or other property, additional precautions must be designed into the control system. Incorporate and maintain other devices, such as supervisory or alarm systems or safety or limit controls, intended to warn of or protect against failure or malfunction of the System 450 modular control assembly.
Table 1. Johnson Controls® M100J Actuator, Common Transformer
Actuator Terminal C450CPN-1 Terminal1
T2 24 V
Note: The number of M100J Series Actuators that can be driven by this method is dependent upon the VA rating of the transformer used. With a properly rated transformer, you can drive up to four actuators.
Important: Maintain polarity when wiring 24 VAC power to the M100J Actuators.
Figure 1. Common Transformer Wiring Diagram

The performance specifications are nominal and conform to acceptable industry standards. For applications at conditions beyond these specifications, consult the local Johnson Controls office. Johnson Controls shall not be liable for damages resulting from misapplication or misuse of its products.

1 C450CPN-1 minimum output set at 60%.