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A421 Series Standard Electronic Temperature Controls with Power Cords Installation Guide

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A421 Standard Model
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You can mount the Type 4X models to flat vertical surfaces using the four holes at the enclosure corners. Place the control against a flat wall surface in a suitable location, and mark the mounting screw hole locations on the mounting surface. Use appropriate screws and shims to mount the control evenly on the surface.

On Type 4X models, select the knockout for removal. Place a screwdriver blade on the knockout near the edge. Apply a sharp blow to the screwdriver handle to loosen the knockout. Be careful not to damage the control’s interior components.

The A421 Control's temperature setback (BI) function requires an additional low-voltage, two-wire cable for operation. On Type 4X/IP66 enclosures, you must install a suitable watertight fitting in an available knockout to pass the two-wire cable through the enclosure wall.

You can rotate the control enclosure base on the Type 4X/IP66 models 180º relative to the control enclosure cover and LCD, to bring the electrical connection to either the top or bottom of the mounted control.

Note: Do not twist the wiring harness between the enclosure base and cover more than 180º.