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A421 Series Standard Electronic Temperature Controls with Power Cords Installation Guide

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A421 Standard Model
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Installation Guide
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About this task

The A421 Control buttons and display operate the same way in Basic and Advanced menus. The parameter code flashes on and off in any parameter code screen.


  1. To navigate through all of the parameter code screens, press Down or Up.
  2. To exit either menu and return to the Main screen, press Down and Up simultaneously.
  3. While in any parameter value screen, the parameter value flashes on and off.
  4. To scroll through all of the available parameter values for the associated parameter code, press Down or Up.
  5. With the preferred parameter value displayed, press MENU to save the value and go to the next parameter code screen.
    Note: If you do not press MENU to save a new value, the control reverts to the last saved value. After 30 seconds of inactivity, while in any screen, the control reverts to the Main screen.