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A421 Series Standard Electronic Temperature Controls Installation Guide

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A421 Standard Model
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Installation Guide
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Observe the following guidelines when you locate and mount an A421 Control:

  • Make sure that the mounting surface can support the control, DIN rail, mounting hardware, and any user-supplied panel or enclosure.
  • Mount the control in a vertical, upright orientation wherever possible. It is best practice to use DIN rail mounting for type 1 controls.
  • In direct-mount applications, mount the control on a flat and even surface.

Mount the control in a location free of corrosive vapors and observe the ambient operating conditions listed in Technical specifications for the A421 Control and the A99 sensor.

  • Allow sufficient space to connect and route wires, view the LCD, and use the touchpad.
  • Do not mount the control on surfaces that are prone to vibration or in a location where high-voltage relays, motor starters, other sources of electromagnetic emissions, or strong radio frequency may cause interference.
  • Do not install the control in an airtight enclosure.
  • Do not install heat generating devices with the control in an enclosure that may cause the ambient temperature to exceed 150°F (66°C).