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A421 Series Standard Electronic Temperature Controls Installation Guide

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A421 Standard Model
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Installation Guide
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Use the Basic menu to quickly edit the On and OFF temperature values, as well as the Sensor Failure Mode (SF) and the Anti-Short Cycle Delay (ASd) value. See Parameter codes and modes of operation and Table 1 for more information about parameter codes, usable parameter values, and default values.

Figure 1. Navigating the Basic menu

Note: Use the Up and Down arrows to navigate through the basic menu, to return to the main screen and to edit settings in the menu. Press the MENU tab to save settings in the basic menu.
Table 1. Basic menu
Feature Description
1 Main screen
2 Basic menu
OFF Relay off temperature
On Relay on temperature
SF Anti-short cycle delay
ASd Sensor failure. 0= output relay de-energized. 1=output relay energized