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A421 Series Electronic Temperature Controls with Cycle Timer Product Bulletin

PENN Controls
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A421 Duty‐Cycle/Ventilation Models
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Product Bulletin
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Control front panel LCD
Displays the temperature, parameters, and status. You can adjust backlight brightness for ambient light conditions. Custom icons display the system and control status.
Basic and advanced programming menu
Provides two levels of parameter adjustment and control. You can set up advanced features in one menu and easily adjust basic parameters in the other menu.
Free-cooling and ventilation
Adjust for free-cooling, timed-ventilation, and over-cooling protection.
On/Off temperature adjustment
Adjust the On or Off temperature values.
Switch-activated override
To override the control, use a switch that is connected to the binary input. Closing the switch turns the relay on. When you open the switch, normal control action resumes.
Adjustable sensor offset
Adjust the displayed temperature to the actual sensed temperature.
Optional restricted adjustment mode
Restrict On or Off adjustment to your defined temperature range.
Sensor failure mode
Choose how the control operates when a sensor or sensor-wire failure occurs: continue running, or shut down the equipment.
Backlight brightness level
Adjust the LCD backlight intensity. When you set or adjust parameters, the LCD shines at maximum brightness, but during normal operation, the backlight shines at the level you select.