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A28G Series Two-Stage Temperature Controls Without Enclosure Product Bulletin

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A28 and A36 Multi-Stage Temperature Control
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Product Bulletin
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Models are available with a fixed or adjustable differential between stages. The following adjustment options are available:

  • 1/4 in. (6.4 mm) shaft with a 0.156 in. (3.96 mm) or 0.187 in. (4.75 mm) milled flat for buyers’ knobs. See Figure 1.
  • Screwdriver slot with stops, and a colder to warmer dial. See Figure 2.
  • Factory sealed setting. See Figure 3.
  • Calibrated dial and pointer, with factory set low or high cutout stops when specified, on quantity orders. See Figure 4. For example, you can order a low temperature control with a low temperature cutout stop range of -10°F to -30°F (-23°C to -34°C), and a high temperature cutout stop range of 30°F to 50°F (-1.1°C to 10°C).

To increase the between-stage differential, rotate the adjusting cam counterclockwise.

Figure 1. Adjusting the between-stage differential
Figure 2. Screwdriver slot range adjustment
Figure 3. Factory sealed setting

Figure 4. Calibrated dial and pointer with adjustable cutout stop
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