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A19AAT Type Cooling Thermostats for Portable Applications Installation Guide

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A19 Remote Bulb Control
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The A19AAT type thermostats are designed to override the on-board thermostat on 120 VAC refrigerators and maintain a temperature set point above the range of the on‐board thermostat.

On refrigerator control applications:

  1. Adjust the refrigerator’s on-board thermostat to the coldest setting.
  2. Plug the refrigerator’s plug into the thermostat’s female plug end and plug the male plug into a polarized, grounded 120 VAC receptacle.
  3. Adjust the A19AAT thermostat set point.
    Important: Do not use the freezer portion of a refrigerator when using an A19AAT type thermostat to override a refrigerator’s on-board thermostat. On override applications the freezer compartment of the refrigerator may not adequately freeze products in the freezer compartment.