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PEAK OEM 18 24 Volt SMART Equipment Controller Installation Guide

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PEAK OEM 18 24 Volt SMART Equipment Controller
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The MS-BACEOL-0 RS485 EOL Terminator provides the EOL termination on the FC Bus or N2 segments when the device connected at the end of a bus segment does not have an integral EOL termination feature. The EOL terminator is a compact, lightweight, module wrapped in a protective cover that you can quickly install in a variety of ways. The EOL connects directly to the terminating device on a bus segment with the attached wire leads. The EOL requires 24 VAC, Class 2 power that is supplied by the field device or another 24 VAC source.

Figure 1. PK-OEM18x0-0 Physical Features

Table 1. OEM18x0-0 Physical Features
Callout Physical Feature: Description and Reference
1 24 VAC, Class 2 Power supply terminal block. See the Supply Power Terminal Block section.
2 24 VAC Utility Output Power for Actuator Supply
3 Two Binary Outputs: 0.5 A Triac (24 or 240 VAC, externally powered). See Table 1.
4 Four Binary Outputs: Relays SPST (3A) (240 VAC), dry contact.
5 Mounting clips (three).
6 Three Configurable Outputs: 0 to 10 VDC, 10 mA, 24 VAC externally sourced Triac Outputs 0.5A (maximum) output current.
7 USB Host Port
8 Cover Lift Tabs
9 Sensor Actuator (SA) Bus Port (RJ-12 6-pin Modular Jack). See SA Bus Port.
10 LED Status Indicators. See Table 1.
11 Four keypad buttons.
12 Display with backlight.
13 Four Binary Inputs Terminal blocks. Dry contact maintained or pulse counter/accumulator mode. See Table 1.
14 Five Universal Inputs (UI) terminal blocks. Voltage Analog Input 0-10 VDC. Current Analog Input 4–20 mA. Resistive Analog Inputs (0 to 600 ohms) or Dry Contact Binary Input. See Table 1.
15 Dual-Stacked Connector. See Stacked FC/SA Bus Port section.
16 Modbus Communication Port. See Modbus Terminal Block.