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PEAK OEM 18 24 Volt SMART Equipment Controller Installation Guide

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PEAK OEM 18 24 Volt SMART Equipment Controller
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Installation Guide
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Release 10.3 with OEM package of Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) can be used to switch the Field Bus communications protocol in PEAK OEM Controllers to act as either standard BACnet MS/TP devices, Modbus® RTU devices, or as N2 protocol devices. BACnet MS/TP is the default for all new controllers. Switchable communications protocols provide a cost-effective upgrade and modernization path for customers with existing N2 controllers. The OEM package is required to make changes to the application. The PEAK OEM 18 controllers can be used as HVAC/R application controllers. The BACnet standard PEAK OEM 18 24 Volt controllers include:

  • I/O quantities and characteristics of the PEAK OEM 18 family controllers
  • Real-time clock with local display
  • Built-in BACnet schedule objects and calendars
  • Mobile Access Portal (MAP) compatibility for configuration through smart mobile devices and remote connectivity
  • Multi-protocol support for BMS integration, BACnet MS/TP, N2, and Modbus RTU (through on-board display)
  • Dedicated SA bus for Johnson Controls smart end-devices
  • Dedicated Modbus port for third-party end-device integration, Modbus Master
  • Various product options with or without display and support of power input of 24 VAC