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PEAK IOM57 Input/Output Modules Installation Guide

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Table 1 provides information about the functions, ratings, and requirements for the communication bus and supply power terminals; and guidelines for wire sizes, cable types, and cable lengths when wiring the controller’s communication buses and supply power.

In addition to the guidelines in Table 1, observe the following guidelines when you wire an SA or FC bus and the 24 VAC supply power:

  • Run all low-voltage wiring and cables separately from high-voltage wiring.
  • All SA and FC bus cables, regardless of wire size, should be twisted, insulated, stranded copper wire.
  • Shielded cable is strongly recommended for all SA and FC bus cables.
  • Refer to the MS/TP Communications Bus Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011034) for detailed information about wire size and cable length requirements for SA and FC buses.
Table 1. Communications bus and supply power terminal blocks, functions, ratings, requirements, and cables
Terminal block/port label Terminal labels Function, electrical ratings and requirements Recommended cable type





FC or SA bus communications FC bus: 0.6 mm (22 AWG) stranded, 3-wire twisted, shielded cable recommended.

SA bus: 0.6 mm (22 AWG) stranded, 4-wire (2 twisted-pairs), shielded cable recommended.

Note: On the SA bus, the + and - wire are one twisted pair, and the COM and SA PWR are the second twisted pair of wires.
COM Signal reference (Common) for FC or SA bus communications



SHLD on FC bus: Isolated terminal (optional shield drain connection)

SAP WR on SA bus: 15 VDC power lead connection

Note: The SA PWR terminal on an IOM controller does not supply 15 VDC. The SA bus supervisor supplies 15 VDC to devices on the SA bus requiring power.


  RJ-12 6-Position Modular Connector provides:

FC or SA bus communications

FC or SA bus signal reference and 15 VDC common

Commissioning Converter or ZFR1811 Wireless Router

(Maximum total current draw for SA bus is 240 mA)

Wireless Commissioning Converter retractable cable or 24 AWG 3-pair CAT 3 Cable <30.5 m (100 ft)
24~ HOT 24 VAC power supply - hot

Supplies 20-30 VAC (Nominal 24 VAC)

0.8 mm to 1.5 mm2

(18 AWG) 2-wire

COM 24 VAC power supply - common

(Isolated from all other common terminals on controller.)

Note: See Table 1 to determine wire size and cable lengths for cables.
Note: The SA bus and FC bus wiring recommendations in this table are for MS/TP bus communications at 38,400 baud. For more information, refer to the MS/TP Communications Bus Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011034).